The Society of Urban Poets

The Society of Urban Poets, Inc.

The acronym SOUP was adopted because it suggests a variety of tastes
and textures tastefully mixed together and ending up as a savory dish
that can be appreciated by all.
SOUP is good food all year íround, not just on a cold winterís day!
Some of SOUPís goals are to promote poetic expression
without the use of profanity, and to establish an outlet
for poets to display their works and share their talents and art
with the community and public at large.

Poems from SOUP members

Ms. K. C. Robinson

Mr. Alan Washington
Ms. Pauli Tooley
Mr. Alvin C. Love
Ms. Billie J. Bowen
Upcoming plans:

BOOK of the Month Club

The Society of Urban Poets, Inc. was organized in March, 1992 at the Ralph Ellison Library and incorporated on September 4, 1993.
Founding members are
Mrs. Billie J. Bowen
Ms. Lynnette Hodge
Mrs. Occie Weaver
Mr. Ronald Eugene Brownlee


FIRST SATURDAY each month at 11:00 AM
in the Ralph Ellison Library
2000 N. E. 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK.
look for our reserved table

The organization supports local poets in writing, performing and publishing their original poetry.
SOUP supports poetic expression
without the use of profanity.

more info 405-424-4228
Billie J. Bowen,
Society of Urban Poets, Inc.
Let me know if you have questions.
Thank you,
God bless you,
and have a great 2015!
Ronald E. Brownlee Scholarship Banquet
is held every other year in order to raise funds for a scholarship which is awarded at our annual poetry recital at the Oklahoma State Capitol.
If anyone would like to make a contribution to the Ronald E. Brownlee Scholarship fund, they may do so by making their check payable to the Society of Urban Poets, Inc. (SOUP) and mailing to 1300 E. Madison, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73111.
Hello fellow poetry lovers!
Come enjoy and participate
in the opportunities of

Greetings poets!!
The monthly Poetry Cafe will be
on last Monday, at 7:00pm.
As always, we hope to see you there for poetry and for spoken word.
There will be a twist each time. If you or someone you know has been wanting to share their gift for rap or song, this is the evening for that! We will have a TRUE open mic, remember no profanity. Also, there are sometimes young poets present so be mindful of your subject matter, if there are.
There will also be refreshments.
You are welcome to read your works
or that of your favorite poet!
No profanity!

"These Words," our new book of poetry, is on sale now. Please let me know if you are interested in buying a copy by calling 405-424-4228 or send an email to
Cost is $15.00.

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